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Monday, August 30, 2010

Why Africa is important to the global economy.

Ivory, Diamonds and GOLD GOLD GOLD!!!

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The World Needs to Learn From These Elephants. To Stay Together, and Stay Strong!
Africa is probably the richest continent when it comes to natural resources. With it producing a a nice chunk of the world's ivory and diamonds, we have to consider it as a rich continent. Now you may be thinking, "Aren't most African countries poor?" While this is true, we mustn't assume that they don't have any natural resources. It's actually on the contrary. The reasons for why these countries are so poor is because of of the corruption in the Government. The U.N. needs and can step in and take action to deter the negative effects the governments have on their people. With Africa, as a continent, being poor and corrupted, the world can't take advantage of these vast natural resources that range from ivory, all the way to livestock. The African economy can thrive. We have to get corruption out of the governments of countries such as Uganda and Zimbabwe, so they can put out exports to the fullest potential. This would also be able to take out violence in the dangerous Darfur Region. To improve the world economy, we need to look at other places than our own countries and continents. We need to look at Africa and help every country build up and thrive. It will benefit us and them. Finally, a win/win economic wise.


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