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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hakuna Matata.

What a wonderful phrase. It means no worries. For the rest of your days. It's our problem free. Philosophy. Hakuna Matata. Stop worrying, people. Everything happens for a reason. It will all work out it the end.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Why Africa is important to the global economy.

Ivory, Diamonds and GOLD GOLD GOLD!!!

If you guys could stop clicking for a while, it'd be great. 

The World Needs to Learn From These Elephants. To Stay Together, and Stay Strong!
Africa is probably the richest continent when it comes to natural resources. With it producing a a nice chunk of the world's ivory and diamonds, we have to consider it as a rich continent. Now you may be thinking, "Aren't most African countries poor?" While this is true, we mustn't assume that they don't have any natural resources. It's actually on the contrary. The reasons for why these countries are so poor is because of of the corruption in the Government. The U.N. needs and can step in and take action to deter the negative effects the governments have on their people. With Africa, as a continent, being poor and corrupted, the world can't take advantage of these vast natural resources that range from ivory, all the way to livestock. The African economy can thrive. We have to get corruption out of the governments of countries such as Uganda and Zimbabwe, so they can put out exports to the fullest potential. This would also be able to take out violence in the dangerous Darfur Region. To improve the world economy, we need to look at other places than our own countries and continents. We need to look at Africa and help every country build up and thrive. It will benefit us and them. Finally, a win/win economic wise.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

I'd like to thank everyone!

I'd like to thank all you people out there for viewing and reading up on my stuff. I hope to bring you quality reviews each week about what is going on in the football world. I may also include some political tidbits everywhere as well. Refer me to your friends! I like the views and the views only for now!

Husker Nation [Slow] Varsity Sliders for NCAA Football 11

Gameplay Options

Skill level: Varsity
Quarter Length: 8 minutes
Game Speed: Slow
Speed Threshold: 25


Offsides: 95
False Start: 95
Holding: 55
Facemask: 55
Off. Pass Interference: 100
Def. Pass Interference: 100
KR/PR Interference: 100
Clipping: 55
Intentional Grounding: 100
Roughing the Passer: 95
Roughing the Kicker: 95

Custom AI



OB Accuracy: 5/35
Pass Blocking: 45/55
WR Catching: 55/60
RB Ability: 40/55
Run Blocking: 40/55


Pass Coverage: 60/70
Pass Rush: 80/100
Interceptions: 35/45
Rush Defense: 30/90
Tackling: 15/45

Special Teams

FG Power: 30/45
FG Accuracy: 20/55
Punt Power: 15/50
Punt Accuracy: 55/55
Kickoff Power: 35/55

I hope this works for you guys! It's given me some really good games! Enjoy!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

2010 Big XII North preview

1. At number one, I have the Blackshirts of Nebraska. With their stingy defense and improved offense, look for them to sweep the North.

2. MIZ-ZOU! Mizzou should have a strong season behind Junior Quarterback Blaine Gabbert but, alas, with fall short because of Nebraska.

3. Iowa State. Somewhat of a surprise here but Iowa State had a solid year last year and should be able to carry that momentum over this year.

4. Rock Chalk Jayhawk baby! The Jayhawks are coming off a sub-par year and have replace coach Mark Mangino with former Cornhusker, Turner Gil. I don't see the Jayhawks getting much higher than fourth place in the North.

5. Kansas State. No surprise. Though they were close to getting to a bowl last year, this is a different team. Look for them to be at the bottom of the pack.

6. Colorado. Sorry CU fans. Another year at the bottom of the barrel. Colorado just doesn't have the talent to perform well at this point in time.

The season starts in a week.

The excitement is in the air in Lincoln, Nebraska. It's football season once again and the #8 Cornhuskers look as if they're going to have a promising season. Zac Lee and Roy Helu Jr. are back to lead the offense. And Prince Amukamara and a guy who is flying under the radar, Jared Crick, are both returning to lead one of the nation's top defenses.

The Huskers will try to start off with a big win against the new to FBS, Western Kentucky Hilltoppers. The game is at 6 PM at Memorial Stadium in Lincoln, Nebraska. You can watch it on FSN Pay-per-view.

I think the Huskers should come out on top fairly easily in this one. This team isn't much different than the team that defeated the Arizona Wildcats in the Pacific Life Holiday Bowl last year. Sure, they don't have Ndomakong Suh to dominate the opposing Offensive front but they do have Jared Crick. Look for Crick to be a rising star within the next year. I think the Huskers Strong D will shutout WKU in their first FBS game every. The Offense should be able to put up some decent numbers, also. Huskers: 45 Hilltoppers: 0.

Either way, it's going to be an exciting season for the Huskers! Hopefully we'll see them in a BCS bowl this year, or even better, the National Championship. Go Big Red!